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A stairlift is a financial investment. That is why understanding the product is really important. In our webshop you can see all the available options with a immediate price indication. When looking for a stairlift it is convenient to see what a company can offer you without asking for a price request. That is the reason why we give you the possibility to check all the available options online!

Standard equipped with:

      • Intercom
      • Automatic swivel chair
      • Automatic footrest
      • Foldable seat and armrests
      • Safety sensors
      • Safety belt
      • 2 charging points
      • Remote application 

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A straight endpiece is the simplest option. The straight endpiece is also the cheapest option, because there are no extra railparts necessary.


When you want to keep space on the stairs, it is possible to park the stairlift further from the stairs by using the horizontal endpiece. 
Drop nose

Drop nose

When placing a stairlift it can occur that a door behind the rail can not open anymore. In many situations it is possible to prevent this, when choosing the drop nose endpiece. By running down steeply the drop nose ensures a compact rail.
Hinge rail

Hinge rail

If the other options are taking to much space, you can choose for the option hinge rail. The hinge rail folds automatically after use.
Parkeerbocht 90 graden

Parkingcurve 90 degree

Due to the modular railparts curves can be made easily. With the 90 degrees parkingcurve the stairlift will be parked next to the stairs.

Parkeerbocht 180 graden

Parkingcurve 180 degree

With the 180 degree parkingcurve the stairlift will be parked next to the stairs. This option creates the most space on the stairs.

In Europe 25.000 curved stairlifts, with a total value of €150.000.000,- end up as trash every year.

It is not only money! Producing a stairlift rail comes with a huge amount of CO2 production.
UP is 100% reusable and recyclable. Where other stairlifts are not always reusable and end up in storageplaces or waste, is reusing our UP rail as easy as it gets.