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A stairlift that can be installed faster,
is available in three clear versions
and above all can be simply relocated.

New generation stairlift

Developments in the field of stairlifts were at a stand-still for a long time. But now there is the UP from DeVi- Stairlifts. A stairlift that, thanks to the patented modular rail construction, can be installed within 4 hours without the delaying intervention of a factory. You can easily configure the stairlift via the webshop and the rail lengths are known immediately. Besides, DeVi-Stairlifts have taken furniture designer Richmond on board who have created a very comfortable seat with a beautiful design.

Unique characteristics

Snelle plaatsing

Quick installation

Quick installation and adjustments are possible thanks to the modular rail and patented curved sections. Within 4 hours the entire stairlift can be installed and intervention from a factory is not necessary.

Relocation possible

The stairlift can be easily relocated. Not only is the motor unit retained but also the seat. All parts of the rail can easily be converted to a new shape and can if necessary, without any problems, be combined with new rail elements.

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With our UPwebshop you can easily choose your desired stairlift color and configure the best stairlift for your stairs in a few clear steps. You can then order this and we take care of the assembly. If you want support with the configuration our consultant will gladly help you further.


Straight and curved application

Because of its modular construction, the UP stairlift is suitable for both straight and curved staircases. On a curved staircase, the stairlift can be placed on the inside or outside.


Straight and curved application

Because of its modular construction, the UP stairlift is suitable for both straight and curved staircases. On a curved staircase, the stairlift can be placed on the inside or outside.

Complete as standard

Other stairlift suppliers offer automatic turning (swivel) and foot plates as an option, for the UP this is standard. In addition you will get a stylish seat, designed by Richmond.

Remote Service

The chair lift is able to report the maintenance status and any problems via the integrated WiFi-connection. This means that most difficulties can be solved remotely. In addition, with this information the engineer is able to prepare properly and plan his maintenance routes more appropriately.


Following an incubation period of about 20 years waiting for the ideal chair lift, in 2018 DeVi-Stairlifts B.V. will launch the "UP" chair lift. In 1996, founder Dennis Vroegindeweij started as product developer for a prominent Dutch stairlift manufacturer. He has now been active for 12 years within DeVi-Comfort B.V., which develops mechatronic products for new, and often revolutionary applications in industry and healthcare. During this period Dennis has never lost his interest in stairlifts and has now come up with a new vision.

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    The first stairlifts were built around 1930 in America and consisted of a steel rail with a seat attached. Now almost 90 years later, steel is still the most commonly used material for stairlift rails. Unfortunately, these days, the rail is the part of the stairlift that cannot usually be re-used, because all staircases are just that little bit different from each other. Furthermore, the steel rail is an expensive and complex part of the stairlift.

    The "UP" stairlift changes all that. The rail is no longer made of steel but of aluminium, which is a light and sustainable material. As opposed to other modular stairlift concepts, where sometimes more than 150 different elements are used, the rail for our "UP" stairlift consists of only 2 parts, straight profiles and our patented curved sections. The patented curved sections can be connected very easily and can therefore form every conceivable curvature. The straight profiles are simply cut to measure and then the necessary curved sections are added to shape the rail into the desired form. Because they are not bent into shape, welded or coated, our rail can be very simply adjusted to form new shapes, which means that our "UP" can be re-located without any manufacturing processes.

    Of course it doesn't stop with only an innovative rail. Your "UP" stairlift keeps us informed of its condition via wifi, so that you are guaranteed trouble-free operation and in the unlikely event of a problem you can contact us via the lift's intercom. We will look after you and together find a safe solution.

    The times when a right hand outside mirror was an option on your car are long gone. It's the same with our "UP" stairlifts. An automatically rotating seat, so that you are always able to get on and off safely, is fitted as standard. You do not need to bend down either any more to fold-up the footrest, just one push of a button does it.

    With its "UP" chair lift, DeVi-Stairlift B.V. is setting new standards in re-usability and comfort.

Save money
through re-usability

Local councils, suppliers of care products and end-users are all able to save money with the "UP". In addition to its clear and competitive price, the "UP" brings enormous savings because of its simple installation and re-usability. In practice unforeseen changes to living situations often occur. With the modular rail construction, the stairlift can easily be disassembled and by adding sections re-installed almost immediately. Resulting in a stairlift that:

• Is more attractive to rent and lease.

• Will not be thrown away ( which happens often with curved lifts).

• Can be (re-)installed without intervention from a factory.

The stairlift is also available as a do-it-yourself package, due to its construction and clear instruction manual.

For straight and curved staircases

The "UP" stairlift with its patented curved sections can be installed in many ways.

Curved staircase - On the outside

UP-curved is the solution for the most common curved staircases.

Curved staircase - on the inside

UP-curved is the solution if your staircase goes over several floors.

Where available?

The UP stairlift can be ordered via the UPwebshop or can be ordered through one of our dealers. Do you have questions or do you want to know which dealer is active in your region? Please contact us via the form below.

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